12 Apostles Proposal – Nathan & Jenna

This shoot was a long time in the making. I distinctly remember receiving a call in July to put the wheels in motion, and the date for the proposal was set. For 27 December!

How Nathan managed to keep it all quiet for 5 long months, I have no idea, but he did.

He booked a picnic at the gorgeous Twelve Apostles (I mean, those views are to die for!), and of course, the weather in Cape Town decided to be a little bit otherwise – gorgeous sunshine, but with a strong wind. While we were waiting for Nathan and Jenna to arrive, one of the video cameras got blown over! Luckily all was fine, and the proposal went off without any issues.

Thank you to Marc for being the most amazing wing-man and videographer for this proposal! His video is at the end of the images 🙂

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