5 reasons to book an engagement shoot

An engagement shoot.  That strange thing that wedding photographers include in their wedding packages. You’re already engaged, so what’s the point?


So, first things first…  An engagement shoot is a shoot to celebrate the fact that you are engaged.  A proposal shoot is when a photographer is booked to photograph the actual event of him dropping to one knee and asking you those 5 little words.


Here are 5 great reasons for you to book an engagement shoot:


1. Celebrate your engagement

Booking a photo shoot is a great way to take time out from the busy-ness of life and planning your big day.  An hour spent together, focusing on one another. And a bonus, you get great images of you as a couple!



2. Practice being in front of the camera

Taking the time to have a photo shoot ahead of your wedding day not only allows you to get to know your photographer a bit better, but it also helps you feel more comfortable with being in front of the camera, smiling and posing.



3. Use the photos for your save the dates

With many guests travelling across the world for your wedding day, it’s important to let them know some details of your wedding day plans as early as possible.  Using a shot of the two of you from your engagement shoot as part of your save the date keeps them personal.



4. Update the photos you have in your home

Photos on your walls really turn your house into a home.  As you are starting your lives together, it’s a perfect time to start filling those walls.



5. Create a unique guest book

Wouldn’t it be great to have a personalised guest book for your wedding day?  I’ll take your engagement photos, and print them in a coffeetable book for you, leaving space for your guests to leave their good wishes to you.  Alternatively, have an image printed on canvas leaving space for notes from your guests around the edges!



I’d love to photograph an engagement shoot for you!  Please contact me for more info & to book your spot!

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