Beautiful Boudoir Amy

I am so grateful to Amy for allowing me to blog this shoot – I am so proud of these images!  More than anything, I am proud to say that the smile that they brought to her face when she saw them for the first time brought me more joy that you can begin to imagine.  Amy is not a model.  She is a mom.  And after her shoot, she looked so confident in herself.


Deciding to book a boudoir shoot can cause some serious anxiety.  I know that the thoughts that went through my head included “I’m not thin enough”, “I don’t know how to do my hair and makeup properly”, “I don’t know how to pose” and that was just in the first 10 seconds!  Well, I believe that you should treat yourself to a confidence boosting shoot no matter how many kilos you think you need to lose.  It’s about you. As you are.  Not the you that you think you should be.  Hair and makeup, well, we book professionals for that! And posing, that’s my job!


Thanks so much to Caitlyn Elizabeth Hair & Makeup for doing Amy’s hair and makeup for this shoot.  She looked spectacular!









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