cape town engagement – Michelle & Paul

Michelle & Paul are getting married in just a few short weeks, and I am so excited to document their big day for them. We met up one early morning for a sunrise engagement shoot (it was really early, but totally worth the early wake up call).

When it came to choosing their location, there was absolutely no question. We would be shooting where Paul proposed. At sunrise.

It was definitely the best decision ever. What a view!

Michelle told me the story of their engagement when we met to discuss their wedding. Paul managed to convince her to go for an early morning run through the forest even though she wanted to sleep in. There were promises of an easy workout, and when she had been convinced and they were on their way, she discovered that the run was anything but easy. They just kept heading up the mountain! When they got to the spot and Paul suggested that they needed to look at the view from the very top, Michelle started to suspect that something was up. She went with his suggestion, and he proposed right at the top of the rocky outcrop. All complaints about the run faded away!

After a few photographs at the spot, we wandered around a little and got a few more photos.

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