Lion's Head at Sunset – Charnelle & Dusty

Let’s go for a walk up Lion’s Head and take some photos! Most couples would look at me in disbelief and just laugh. Not Charnelle & Dusty – they smiled and said “let’s do it!”

We walked a bit, snapped a bit, walked a bit more, and got some pretty photos. A perfect way to spend an evening in my book!

[single_image img_url=”” img_alt=”engagement shoot in cape town on slopes of lion’s head” fx_effect=”fade”]


[single_image img_url=”” img_alt=”black and white image of couple kissing during their cape town engagement shoot” fx_effect=”fade”]


[single_image img_url=”” img_alt=”couple in the fynbos on slopes of lion’s head during their engagement shoot” fx_effect=”fade”]


[single_image img_url=”” img_alt=”sitting on a bench on a mountain during an eshoot” fx_effect=”fade”]


[single_image img_url=”” img_alt=”kisses and cuddles during a photoshoot black and white images” fx_effect=”fade”]


[single_image img_url=”” img_alt=”wide angle photo of couple on bench during engagement shoot” fx_effect=”fade”]


[single_image img_url=”” img_alt=”backlit couple shot during engagement photoshoot in cape town” fx_effect=”fade”]


[single_image img_url=”” img_alt=”couple hugging during sunset engagement shoot with trees and clouds in the background” fx_effect=”fade”]


[single_image img_url=”” img_alt=”panoramic image of couple in front of table mountain cape town while walking up Lion’s Head” fx_effect=”fade”]


[single_image img_url=”” img_alt=”sunset engagement shoot on the slopes of lion’s head cape town” fx_effect=”fade”]

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  1. Dorian Smith on Feb 9, 2019 at 10:54 pm

    Please send me your packages for a couples shoot?

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