Slanghoek wedding photography – Lyndsay & Kyle

Lyndsay & Kyle got married at Slanghoek Mountain Resort in Rawsonville.  After spending time with them during their engagement shoot, I was excited to photograph their wedding as I knew it would be a day filled with ethereal and mythical details that would be a dream to capture. They are such a relaxed couple, and they are prepared to try anything to get the perfect picture.

Slanghoek Mountain Resort is nestled in the breathtaking Slanghoek Valley on the slopes of the Badsberg conservancy.  It has spectacular views and is a haven for nature lovers. This was the perfect setting for Lindsay and Kyle whose personal style reflects an affinity for nature. As a wedding photographer, it was incredible to experience the natural beauty of the venue.

I loved the Norse elements of the wedding, from the capes trimmed with fur to the swords and Lindsay’s elfin headpiece. The colour scheme was whimsical with shades of purple, pink and blue.

Lyndsay decided to break with tradition and she had appointed some of her best male friends as part of her wedding party, and Kyle included his sister in his.  Little details like this made their day uniquely theirs.

There was no stopping the boys from being boys – the force is strong with these ones!

Halfway through their couple shoot, Lyndsay changed into dress number two, so we got some photos in both dresses, and then she was ready to dance the night away at the reception with bare feet like a forest faerie.

Their decor suited the venue perfectly, using forest elements of wood, hessian, fruit and flowers. Paper butterflies perched daintily on wine glasses and trails of vines decorated the dessert table. The wholesome, rustic food presented a feast fit for Elvin kings and queens.  The wooden boards used for place-settings also doubled as their wedding favours.

The wedding cake was decorated with a Tree of Life, symbolising how the forces of nature come together to create harmony and balance. The wedding was a beautiful depiction of the bringing together of the forces of love and nature to forge a marriage to last a lifetime.

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  1. Lyndsay on Feb 25, 2016 at 9:25 am

    Such a beautiful post, Thanks Katie for doing such an amazing job capturing the best day of my life. These photos makes the day eternal

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