Be different

I dare you!

Your wedding should be as unique as you are. Let's break the mold together & create memories to last a lifetime

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Wedding Photography in Cape Town

Getting married in Cape Town and looking for a wedding photographer for your big day?

Tired of all the standard "cookie cutter" images?  It's time to make some magic together and showcase what makes the two of you "you", as well as show off all of your favourite parts of your wedding venue.


You've spent weeks picking the best possible venue, and now it comes to choosing the wedding photographer to capture it all for you. I am known for my scenic, story-telling work, and your venue should be featured in your photography just as much as the two of you and your guests.

Golden hour wedding

What's available?

All wedding collections include:


 - enough coverage for most wedding days

 - an engagement shoot

 - USB with high resolution, hand edited images


Beautiful, individually designed, heirloom wedding albums are available to be added to any collection


I'm based in Cape Town, South Africa, but am available to photograph the wedding of your dreams anywhere in the world


Why are your prices not listed on your website?

Weddings are not "one size fits all", and all packages can be tailored to fit your unique needs. Collections start at R14999, and if you like my work, I am confident that we will find the perfect fit for your wedding day.

It's important to me that we "gel". I'm all up in your face on your wedding day, and if we don't get on well, that's not fair to you on one of the most important days of your life. Join me for a chat over coffee/tea/bubbly (no judging here), and get to know one another. I'm there to answer your questions, and discovering your plans for your wedding day - this way I can give you the most accurate quote for your day, and leave you feeling comfortable in your decision. This is a huge decision and I want you to be certain that I am the right choice for you.


What makes me different?

Your wedding is not just a number. It's your special day. I only book a select number of weddings each year, and this allows me the time to get to know you both, allowing for unique photo opportunities that reflect your personalities. Your wedding is important to me - I don't want to be that photographer that shoots a wedding every single weekend, it's not fair to you!

It's no secret that I pack a spare set of clothes for every wedding. I've ended up almost losing shoes in the mud, and neck deep in dams just to get "the shot". You are always allowed to laugh when I stumble over my own feet - I can be a total hazard to myself!


Fill in your details below and let's get the ball rolling! I can't wait to meet you and hear all about your amazing wedding day plans.

Oh yes! We've got to plan your engagement shoot too - now that's an opportunity to go a whole lot more wild than is possible on your wedding day (guests tend to frown if you walk into your reception covered in mud, or completely drenched - funny that)