Silvermist Proposal – Tali & Dan

Proposals are fast becoming a favourite of mine.  It’s a moment that every girl wishes she had captured on film, and that’s exactly what I can provide.


I clearly remember this proposal, just like it was yesterday.  I arrived at Silvermist to chat to Pippa from The Perfect Proposal as she was putting the final details of the setup together.  Dan had chosen to use bunnies and sunflowers in the decor for their picnic, and Pippa did such a great job!  It was a little bit windy (well, probably more like a lot!) and once the decor was set up, she went down to meet Tali & Dan to show them their picnic area (I discovered later that Tali tried to railroad the whole thing and go to the restaurant instead, but Dan convinced her to have a look at what was there first – she knew about the picnic, not the proposal).






I got a message from Pippa to say that they were on their way, and got ready.  I started photographing them as they walked down the path to the deck.



Tali started looking at the decor, and then she saw the tag around the bunny’s neck…



She realised what was happening (it said “marry me”), turned around and Dan was on one knee!



The rest, you can say, was history!
















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