Treasure hunting on Noordhoek Beach

This blog post is WAY overdue, but it’s also perfectly timed, because now is the time to get those early morning beach shots of your kids!


I’m obsessed with sunrise shoots on the beach.  The beautiful pink and blue skies, and of course, Cape Town’s pristine beaches as a backdrop.  I just wish that sunrise was a little later in summer (those 05h00 starts are really early – totally worth it, but early). Then one day it hit me! Autumn and Spring are PERFECT for my favourite shoots!  Getting to the beach by 06h30 is quite reasonable (especially if you live in a house with a toddler, they seem to think that 05h30 wake up calls are totally normal).


Anyway, back to the shoot in question!  My son suffers from being a photographer’s child – despite there being so many cameras in our house, there are actually very few photos of him.  I do schedule a family session every year or so, but I try to also sneak in one or two others with just him if I can – this was one of those.  While wandering through H&M (as one does), I came across a lightweight hoodie that was just perfect for a beach session, and the planning began.  I must say that I have been blown away by the selection of “photoshoot appropriate” and gorgeous clothes that H&M stocks.  Colours that co-ordinate well with the rest of the family’s wardrobe, no big logos, and cute styling details … but I digress.


Mikey and I were scheduled to have a “Mikey and mommy day” soon, so I asked him if he would like to go to the beach before the sun even woke up, and then take some photos together just as the sun was rising.  He actually sounded excited, which of course got me even more excited!



On the day of the shoot, we woke up early, got him dressed, and headed over the mountain to Noordhoek.  Somehow, I managed to get to the beach early.  So we sat and had a snack in the car before walking down to the beach.  Once we were there, Mikey had no problem exploring and looking for treasures in the sand and water.  I followed him with a camera, and every now and again asked him to stand a certain way, or look at me.  I couldn’t be happier with the results either!


So, without further ado, here is my precious boy.  On the beach.  Looking for treasures xx










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